Great King St

En-Suite Bathroom

We constructed the cabinet, timber wall panelling, fitted the shower and shower screen along with the bath panelling. The cabinets were made on site to the architects design.


Windows overhaul, we reinstated wall panelling and generally restored the wood within the room.

Kitchen & Dining Area

Levelled floor, under floor heating, floorboards, extended window down to floor level, fitted new window, new shutters which were made on site to specification.

View into Kitchen/Dining area from staircase

We created a door opening in to the room.

Drawing Room

We rebuilt the roof by replacing the wood beams along with a window overhaul.

Great King St

Refurbishment of Georgian Townhouse (design by James Robertson Architect)

We acted as joinery sub-contractors for the refurbishment of the building and change of use from social club back to residential.

The joiner works included:

  • major structural repairs and alterations
  • replacement and overhauling of sash and case windows
  • overhauling and re-glazing of cupola; repairs to roof timbers and installation of thermal insulation
  • flooring attic and fitting roof-ladders
  • repairs to original floors and fitting of new hardwood flooring
  • re-instatement of timber wall panelling; building of partitions and ceilings
  • fitting out of bathrooms, including hardwood cabinets, made on site to architect’s design
  • repairs to original doors and fitting of new matching doors
  • fitting new architraves and skirting to match original
  • fitting of timber stair treads and landings to new external staircase